IoT Services

IoT means the Internet of Things, which is revolutionizing digital transformation around the world. It is emerging as an integral part of an organization and process in this digital world. IoT has transformed the way we connect and exchange data with people, devices and systems. IoT solutions help organizations to set up secure technology infrastructure for advanced data processes.

DataGama offers end-to-end IoT solutions from computing to cloud data processing. We design, build, install, and operate value-centered IoT solutions for our customers. Our team of IoT engineers offers tailor-made solutions that match clients’ business goals.

Our IoT Advisory Services:

We provide end-end IoT advisory consulting services, which include:

  • IoT Planning
  • Framework Building
  • Architecture Implementation
  • IoT Consulting
IoT Services

DataGama offers our clients a comprehensive range of services in IoT that helps them to revolutionize and upgrade their devices and processes.

Our IoT services include:
  • IoT Solution Developments
  • IoT Architecture Development
  • IoT App Security Services
  • IoT Testing
  • Voice Enabling Solutions
  • Wearable Device Connection
Our Expertise

Our expert team of professionals is well trained and aware of the latest developments in the field of IoT and offers expertise in:

  • Integration of data and assets to IoT
  • Streamline the IoT operations
  • Offering and delivering quality IoT services across domains
Platforms & Technologies Used

Our team provides IoT Services in SaaS, QRT and Command centers. We use the latest platforms and technologies in the field, which include:

  • AWS IoT
  • Android Things
  • Embedded Linux
  • Google Cloud IoT
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Suite
  • Samsung ARTIK
  • Wear OS
  • Zephyr
Why Choose Us?
  • Well-experienced team
  • Good Track Record of Smooth Integration of IoT solutions
  • Regulate and Monitor Full IoT Infrastructure